Our recommendations for International Women's Day

Want to celebrate International Women’s Day but in need for inspiration? Look no further — since we’re not organizing an event of our own, we figured we’d shine some light on our sisters elsewhere. Here are shesaid.so Belgium’s recommendations for the 8th of March!


FRI - CYCLING - Liège - 2:30 PM

Organized by different women’s groups in Liège, this cyclo-parade focuses on the bicycle, a long-standing symbol of empowerment for women. They start at the train station at 2:30 PM. No sign-up necessary. Find more information here.

Marche Mondiale des Femmes.jpg

FRI - MARCH - Brussels - 5:00 PM

More of a marching type? Women in Brussels are hitting the streets! No better way to celebrate than being loud and proud and claiming your space in our capital. The march leaves at 5:00 PM at the Central Station. More info here.

Psst Mademoiselle.jpg

FRI - PANEL & PARTY - Brussels - 2:00 PM

Our sisters at Psst Mademoiselle are celebrating their first birthday. Congratulations! They’re taking over the Beursschouwburg for a day. Our chairwoman Eline will speak on a panel on diversity in our cultural sector at 2:00 PM, but stick around for art works, merch, DJ sets and live performances. More info here!

Mars Tegen Seksisme.jpg

FRI - MARCH - Ghent - 5:30 PM

Another march is taking place in Ghent at 5:30 PM, organized by ROSA vzw. We joined this one last year and had a blast. This one is especially important because it not only focuses on sexism, but any form of discrimination. Read the full pamphlet here.

Women's position in Iran.jpg

FRI - PANEL & MUSIC - Ghent - 7:00 PM

Feminism has many faces, and it’s important to shine a light on all of them. That’s why we’re looking at the position of women in Iran. On the panel are four women’s rights activists out of different science fields. Afterwards the band Bomrani will perform a set of their most well-known songs. Get your tickets for the concert through the reservation link here. No tickets required for the panel.

Slong Release Show.jpg

FRI - MUSIC - Antwerp - 8:15 PM

Greek/Belgian rapper Slongs is releasing her second album on International Women’s Day; the perfect day for someone who, in a few years time, made a name for herself, won a MIA and conquered the Belgian music scene. She’s bringing a bunch of surprise guests. You can find all info here.


FRI - EXPO & POETRY - Antwerp - 7:00 PM

The opening of a new expo by female artist Yasmien Adam, at Gallery ‘Who’s Afraid of Red Yellow & Blue’ by female gallery holder Nena Shaw with poetry readings by female poet Els Dejonghe. The type of evening that inspires, unites, moves. More information here.

Female Focus.png

SAT - PANEL & MUSIC - Antwerp - 3:15 PM

Our friends at de Roma have a full weekend of female empowering activities planned. On Saturday there’s a panel around femininity, but stick around for different workshops (slam poetry, dj’ing, entrepreneurship) and an evening concert by Martha Da’Ro and Mona Haydar. Don’t forget to check out the programme for Sunday as well. All information here.


SUN - WORKSHOP - Ghent - 4:00 PM

Girls Go BOOM is showing you the ropes of professional concert photography. Technical stuff will be explained, but there will also be room for stories and experiences. Not to miss! More info here.

On the Basis of Sex.png

ALL MONTH - MOVIE - Nation-wide

Movie buff? Want to celebrate International Women’s Day in a comfortable chair with some great entertainment and (crucial) snacks? 6th of March marks the premiere of ‘On The Basis of Sex’, a movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, female icon in the legal/political world and judge on the Supreme Court.

Julie Scheurweghs.jpg

ALL MONTH - EXPO - Brussels

Julie Scheurweghs is an artist who works with found footage often by taking it out of its original context and giving them new meaning. The topic of the ‘male gaze’ is a recurring theme in her oeuvre. An expo that makes you think. All info here.