Belgium cracks the code: how to successfully organize a music event

This past Saturday we partnered with a group of motivated students at VIVES to organize our second ever music industry hackathon. We invited a handful of industry professionals to help us reach our mutual goal: cracking the code to organizing a successful music event.

How do you manage big crowds? Which permits do you need? How do you build an integrated marketing strategy? Which innovations can be discovered in sound and light technology? What do you need to pay attention to in creating a budget?


The VIVES Innovation Centre in Kortrijk was the scene for interesting discussions, thought-provoking case studies and a lot of exchange of information. From concept to technical execution, communication, budget, … you name it, we covered it.

"There is a lot of support for young musicians but not everyone craves to be in the spotlight and become an artist. Belgium wants to support young organizers in the music industry as well. Instead of giving the floor to keynote speakers, we invite participants to share ideas and we put industry experts amidst them. This creates a whole different vibe of sharing ideas and inspiring one another and that is what we're after in the first place,” says Sylvie Vanrenterghem, coordinator at VIVES and event manager at Belgium.


A sincere round of applause to the event management students at VIVES Kortrijk for being such professionals and helping us organize this event, to our co-founder and Event Manager, Sylvie, for all the provided support, and our industry experts for sharing their views on the music event industry:

Lisa Van de Cauter (Ancienne Belgique, concept and programming), Tia Broodcoorens (Soundsystem, light and sound), Ilja Theuwissen (The Safe Group, safety and security), Tineke Codron (Kokopelli Festival, communication and marketing), Tijs Vandenbroucke (Nasty Mondays, permits and legal), Renzo Dewulf (De Brabandere, catering) and our own Sylvie Vanrenterghem (VIVES Eventmanagement, budgeting and staff).


We’ll be compiling the information from this hackathon into a handy e-book, which we’ll share with you in a few weeks. Keep an eye out!

Music Hackathon 2019.jpg